Can a package from China “infect” with a coronavirus.

Can a package from China “infect” with a coronavirus.

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The new coronavirus, which appeared in China, can mutate and spread not only by airborne droplets. The existence of such a danger was announced at a briefing for journalists in Beijing.

At the same time, only the respiratory pathway of the virus to the human body has been officially identified today. According to Vladimir Nikiforov, head of the department of infectious diseases at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, it is unlikely that the virus will become infected through household items, since it does not have resistance.

This is confirmed by statistics: in populated China only about 500 people fell ill. Of course, security measures are necessary so that the virus does not spread further, but there can be no talk of an epidemic.

It is known that 109 people infected by him died, one of the dead was 90 years old. According to the physician, the mortality rate of the virus is low.

With Chinese pneumonia, which was in 2003, it was ten percent of the total number of cases, then 50 people died.

By the way, the new coronavirus is the “closest relative” that appeared 17 years ago. Its symptoms are mainly fever, fatigue, cough with a slight expectoration and shortness of breath.

The first cases in China caught a virus in the seafood market. So far, the only case of infection has been recorded in the United States. The patient flew in from China. Isolated cases are also recorded in several more countries.