Caries is a process of tooth decay, which begins directly with the dissolution of the mineral substances that make up the tooth, and then, the resolution goes to the hard tissues of the tooth and, of course, the formation of a cavity.


The presence of germs in the oral cavity.
Improper nutrition, namely, a small intake of mineral salts, vitamins, fluoride and various trace elements in the body contributes to the development of caries.
Excessive consumption of large amounts of sweets.

To date, there are several stages of caries, namely:

Stage spot. During the examination, a white or dark spot is observed on the tooth surface. At this stage, the patient has no discomfort.
 Stage superficial caries. This stage of the disease is characterized by short-term pain under the influence of mechanical and temperature stimuli. In parallel with this, the enamel of the teeth becomes rough.
Stage of secondary caries. At this time, a carious cavity is determined.
Stage of deep caries. The carious cavity increases significantly, and even the slightest touch on the tooth can cause severe pain.

Incorrect treatment of caries or its absence can lead to pulpitis, which, subsequently, can turn into periodontitis, in the end, it can lead to tooth loss and more dangerous complications.

What can you do

It is worth remembering that at the first stages of development, caries does not manifest itself in any way, and it is almost impossible to notice a small speck on the teeth without professional equipment and knowledge. It is for this reason that in order not to miss the beginning of this disease, it is necessary to regularly visit the dentist.

What can a doctor do

During a visit to the doctor, after examining the oral cavity, the doctor will determine the degree of development of caries, and also prescribe the appropriate treatment method. It is worth remembering that the sooner treatment is started, the easier and more painless it will go.

In order to get rid of caries in the first stage, in most cases, it is enough to carry out remineralization using a special solution.

In order to get rid of superficial caries, it is necessary to carry out a treatment of the carious cavity with subsequent filling.

In order to get rid of deep caries, it is necessary to use gaskets containing calcium hydroxide, which also contribute to the formation of “secondary” dentin, and therefore, they provide additional protection for the integrity of the tooth nerve.


Refuse excessive consumption of sweets.
Proper hygiene for your teeth and the entire oral cavity.
Regular visits to the dentist.
Proper oral hygiene is not just ordinary clean teeth, but at least 3-5 minutes of brushing, which must be carried out at least 2 times a day, namely, after breakfast and dinner. After which, it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity with a special mouthwash. In addition to all this, it is necessary to carry out professional toothbrushing at least once a year by a professional dentist.

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