Depression – symptoms, treatment, diagnosis.

Depression – symptoms, treatment, diagnosis.

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Depression is a bad mood with a decrease in mental activity and motor inhibition. The cause of depression is almost always a person’s dissatisfaction, an unresolved or depressing situation.

Although depression is considered a disease of middle-aged people, it is common in all age groups – teenage, among young people and the elderly, while its manifestations in these groups can be atypical.

Symptoms depression.

Depression is often expressed in bodily forms. It can imitate the picture of any disturbance on the part of internal organs, as if hiding under the mask of another disease (hence another name – masked depression).

Weakness, weakness, apathy, dizziness, a feeling of heaviness, a burning sensation behind the sternum, pressure in the head, constipation or diarrhea, flatulence, a feeling of tightness and constriction during breathing, weight loss, sleep disturbance, a feeling of heat or cold in the chest, abdomen develop , head, limbs, lump in the throat, etc.

During depression, a person himself is not aware of his low mood or associates it with physical malaise, a consequence of some unrecognized disease. He is examined and treated for a long time without visible improvement, regarding various somatic or neurological diseases.

The most often described are painfully difficult to describe excruciating pains, various unpleasant sensations. With abdominal pain, patients are treated (sometimes even surgically) from appendicitis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, food poisoning, etc.

In connection with complaints of headaches and dizziness, other unpleasant sensations of an often vague nature of patients are treated for neurasthenia, migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.

At an early age, depression is manifested by tearfulness, disobedience, laziness, in the future, children study poorly, conflict at home and at school, leave the house.

With the latent form of depression, there are frequent cases of disorders in the sexual sphere: the duration of sexual intercourse changes, the desire decreases, the orgasm becomes dull. Disturbed and eating behavior, both in the direction of reducing appetite, and systematic overeating. That is, a bad mood is the immediate cause of unwanted fullness.

Diet reflects well the emotional state of a person. In this case, a morning lack of appetite, erratic nutrition during the day and plentiful dinners are characteristic.

Sometimes with latent depression, sleep disorders are the main, and sometimes the only manifestations of the disease. They are usually characterized by early awakening and a reduction in the duration of night sleep. Patients easily fall asleep, but, having slept for several hours, awaken. In the morning they feel completely broken and only in the afternoon or in the evening do you feel better.

Masked Depression Test.

  • For a long time you have headaches. They are often bilateral, compressing like a “hoop”, pressing like a “helmet”, occur periodically, last more than half an hour, sometimes for days and do not stop after taking analgesics.
  • You have pain in the area of ​​the heart – stitching, constricting, accompanied by “heat” or “cold” in the chest, fear of dying. The pain is not associated with physical activity and does not go away after taking “heart” drugs.
  • Depression in you can be manifested by pain in various parts of the chest and abdomen with a feeling of “bursting”, “transfusion”, “burning”.
  • Sometimes you experience attacks of shortness of breath with sensations of “lack of breath”, “coma in the throat.” In many of these cases, when contacting a therapist, a serious disease of the internal organs is not detected.

You need to know that depression in all its manifestations is a disease that must be treated, otherwise it will take a protracted course and lead to disability. Timely treatment in most cases leads to a complete recovery.

Depression Treatment.

Ne pytaytes’ lechit’sya sami — posovetuytes’ s vrachom.52/5000Do not try to be treated yourself – consult a doctor.

Therapy is carried out with special drugs – antidepressants. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a doctor, as it is long-lasting and only a specialist will be able to choose the necessary drug. In parallel with drug treatment, a course of psychotherapy is recommended.