Deprive Gibert

Deprive Gibert.

Pityriasis versicolor / Gibert’s lichen is an acute self-limiting skin disease, manifested by oval pink spots with slight peeling.

The cause of the occurrence is still unknown. The most popular theory is about the viral nature of the disease, although any particular virus has not yet been confidently proven its involvement.

Most often, the disease proceeds without complaints, but itching may occur and in a small percentage of cases, weakness, general malaise, sore throat, headache.

It all starts with one large maternal plaque – a pink spot on the body measuring 2-5 cm. After a few days (sometimes after 2 weeks), similar, but smaller oval spots are poured out. They are arranged along the skin lines in such a way that they form a pattern similar to a spruce.

After a few weeks, the rashes completely disappear on their own, leaving no traces.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of examination and anamnesis data; specific laboratory or instrumental studies are not carried out to confirm the diagnosis. If in doubt, scraping is carried out for pathogenic fungi.

Most patients do not need treatment because the disease resolves on its own.

If the patient is worried about severe itching, it is possible to symptomatically use antihistamines, external glucocorticoids, soothing creams and lotions, zinc talker.

Water, soap, sweat can aggravate rashes and itching, so it is worth limiting water treatments at the onset of the disease.

Pink lichen is not contagious and usually does not recur.

If you have lichen rosacea:

  • Avoid skin irritation with hot water, detergents, rubbing, sweat, rough or synthetic clothing.
  • be patient, the rash will definitely go away
  • use skin care emollients, soothing lotions with zinc oxide, calamine to relieve itching.