Heaviness in the Stomach and Feeling of Perfection in the Animal

Heaviness in the Stomach and Feeling of Perfection in the Animal
An uncomfortable sensation in the stomach – a feeling of heaviness and overflow, which can even cause pain – often occurs immediately after eating. The main reason for this condition is an excessively large volume of food. This causes stretching of the walls of the stomach and leads to the fact that they lose the ability to properly contract and promote food into the intestines. In addition, in the overcrowded stomach, the processes of processing its contents with digestive juices are disturbed, and food stagnates, causing feelings of heaviness in the abdomen, eructations and general malaise.

Causes of heaviness in the stomach
poor nutrition
For one of the most common causes of heaviness in the stomach include the following:
binge eating. Too much food in the stomach leads to excessive stretching of its walls, which disrupts the processes of digestion of food. As a result, there is a slow progress of food through the gastrointestinal tract, which causes a feeling of heaviness in the upper abdomen, difficulty with bowel movement and other digestive problems;
The use of cold dishes. Eating cold and frozen dishes stimulates the motor function of the stomach, which causes the digestive processes to occur excessively quickly and are manifested by loosening the stool;
Non-compliance with diet. To the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and stomach often lead to too long intervals between meals, as well as improper diet. One of the most common causes of digestive disorders is the habit of having a supper before going to bed: a stomach that has not been able to rest at night can show its “discontent” with a feeling of heaviness after eating;
Changes in diet (plentiful feast). Unusually copious food intake overloads the digestive organs, which are unable to treat the contents of the stomach with acids and enzymes. As a result, a feeling of heaviness and overcrowding in the upper abdomen develops;
Irritating food. Foods that can disrupt digestive processes include not only fried, sharp, fatty foods, but also foods rich in carbohydrates (potatoes, sweets, baked goods), protein (eggs, legumes, mushrooms) and fast food.
To drinks that irritate the stomach lining include tea, coffee, kvass, and also carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
In a number of cases, indigestion may occur after the ingestion of whole milk and meals, in the preparation of which it was used. This can talk about the individual intolerance of the components of milk, with the exclusion of it from the diet, digestion, as a rule, normalizes.

In the regulation of the digestive system, the nervous system takes a direct part. Accordingly, with chronic and acute stress, overfatigue, a shortage of rest, the function of the gastrointestinal tract is violated, which leads to the development of symptoms such as a feeling of overflow and bloating, belching and a feeling of heaviness.

Age changes
With age, many processes in the human body undergo changes. This also applies to digestion processes, which slow down, and the quality of digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins decreases.

Substances that are part of the tobacco smoke, worsen the blood supply of all organs, including the organs of the digestive system, and violate their peristalsis. As a result, the walls of the stomach and intestines lose the ability to uniformly and consistently advance food, which can cause it to delay and cause a feeling of heaviness.

With excessive body weight, intra-abdominal pressure may increase, which adversely affects digestive processes and often slows them down. As a consequence, there is a feeling of overflow in the abdomen, belching and other symptoms of indigestion.

Changes in the hormonal background and increased intra-abdominal pressure during pregnancy can cause abnormalities in the motor function of the stomach.

How can I help
If there is a feeling of overflow of the stomach after eating, you need to perform certain actions that will restore the digestive tract.
Try to refrain from eating for several hours, replacing it with drinking non-carbonated water. It will also be useful to lie down for a few minutes, stretch out your whole body and breathe deeply, after which you do not hurry to walk – it does not matter, along the street or around the room.
Despite the feeling of discomfort in the abdomen, which you experience, try not to go to bed, on the contrary: for 1-3 hours it is necessary to maintain a vertical position.

Measures to normalize the work of the stomach Power Mode Correction
To regulate the work of the digestive tract, the regime and quality of nutrition are crucial. Meals at certain hours “accustom” the stomach to the secretion of digestive juices by this time, which ensures a correct and uniform processing of food by enzymes and acids. Control over the amount of food allows you to avoid overeating and, accordingly, avoid stretching the walls of the stomach.
The quality of food also plays an important role. Avoiding fatty, fried, smoked and other similar dishes or reducing the amount of “heavy” food in the diet to a minimum, you can greatly facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent the development of feelings of heaviness.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
A good night’s sleep, rejection of bad habits (smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks, etc.), reducing stress and attention to the general state of health is of great importance for normalizing digestive processes and eliminating the severity in the stomach after eating. Also, healthy physical activity is important: sports, dancing and even ordinary walking tours will be an excellent stimulator for the gastrointestinal tract.

Drug administration
The MOTILIUM buy online  can help in the normalization of digestion. It promotes the rapid restoration of the upper GI tract motility, which makes it easier to relieve the heaviness in the stomach after eating, to eliminate eructations and a feeling of overflow in the abdomen.              The MOTILIUM cheap can be taken without prescribing a doctor and used to relieve the symptoms of indigestion when this is necessary.
However, it is important to remember: with frequent or regular episodes of indigestion, which are not related to overeating or eating irritating foods, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

When it is necessary to see a doctor with a manifestation of severity in the stomach

Periodically arising heaviness in the stomach after eating, which passes by itself or with the MOTILIUM 10mg reception, is most often caused by stress and malnutrition and is a cause for particular concern.
But if this symptom is observed constantly or very often, and also accompanied by other signs of ill-being (weight loss, vomiting, black tar stool, increased sweating, pain in the chest or upper abdomen giving up the neck, arm or lower jaw), you need to turn to The doctor.

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