Homemade recipes for the treatment of rosacea.

Homemade recipes for the treatment of rosacea.

Cuperosis is called dilated small vessels that look like stars or nets. Cuperosis, in fact, affects every third woman. Vascular nets are dermatological problems and cause a lot of discomfort.

Dermatologists call rosacea, scientifically, telangiectasia. Cuperosis appears in women with sensitive skin type. It is not necessary that only dry skin is sensitive, it can also be oily skin.

Cuperosis appears most often on the wings of the nose, on the chin, as well as on the cheeks. With rosacea, home masks help.

Berry mask.
For such a mask, any berries containing a large amount of vitamin C are useful, this vitamin strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes blood vessels less noticeable. You can use berries such as black currants, lingonberries, raspberries, strawberries and sea buckthorn. It is necessary to squeeze the juice from the berries and mix with a small amount of potato starch. Apply the mask to the face and rinse off after a while.

Mask of healing herbs.
For such a mask you will need: chamomile, horsetail, calendula, yarrow, potato starch and horse chestnut flowers. Take all the herbs in the same handful and throw in boiling water, after five minutes, remove the infusion from the heat, cool and mix with starch to make slurry. This mask soothes the skin, relieves inflammation, strengthens blood vessels due to silicon, which is contained in the horsetail.

Women with vascular asterisks on their faces are advised to drink herbal preparations from marigolds, wheatgrass, chamomile, roses, and yarrow. It is recommended to eat fresh parsley daily.

Women with dilated vessels are not recommended to eat very hot and spicy foods. Alcohol and coffee drinks also make things worse.

With rosacea, it is not advisable to make steam baths, which further weaken the vessels. Do not forget to take ascorbic acid, which will strengthen the walls of blood vessels and make them invisible.

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