Impotence is a common condition that many men face.

Impotence is a common condition that many men face.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a common condition that many men experience. The study, which involved 1225 men from different regions of Russia, showed that only 10.1% of the participants had no signs of ED, while a slight degree of ED was observed in 71.3%, an average degree – in 6.6% and severe degree – in 12%
Erectile dysfunction itself is defined as “the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse”
The occurrence of erectile dysfunction can be associated with many conditions and diseases: diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular pathologies, neuropsychiatric disorders, and even prostate cancer, which is one of the most frequently diagnosed malignant oncological diseases in men in developed countries. BUY Cialis Black

Despite the relevance and prevalence of the problem, about 90% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are embarrassed to visit a doctor. One major study showed that only 19% of men reporting sexual problems sought medical attention.

Men’s indecision regarding seeking help is supported by the wide availability of a wide variety of medical information on the Internet. In connection with access to knowledge, reasonable questions arise. Why is erectile dysfunction an occasion to see a doctor?
Why can not be treated independently?

In fact, self-medication can be not only useless, but also harmful. One of the main reasons already discussed above – erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of much more dangerous diseases, the human life may depend on the timely diagnosis. Usually, erectile dysfunction is a condition that is constantly progressing, so you should not expect it to go away by itself, nor should you waste time trying to find a treatment for yourself.

It should be remembered that in the abundance of new information about ED, only a specialist with the appropriate education can qualitatively understand. Indeed, without some narrow-profile knowledge, it is impossible to correctly assess the reliability of information on the Internet, make a correct diagnosis and choose the best treatment.

Also, the safety of methods and means of treating erectile dysfunction, a description of which can be found on the Internet, often remains unclear. In addition, the quality and reliability of the medical information provided by erectile dysfunction treatment websites is often unknown.
To study this issue in more detail, a study was conducted whose purpose was to study the safety and reliability of websites that provide medical information and sell herbal remedies to increase potency. Fifty of the most popular sites that search engines issued were rated for security and reliability.
It was determined that people with medical education prepared information only for 21% of such sites and only 24% of the resources indicated that the information provided was not a substitute for medical advice. No site has warned patients of the possibility of cardiovascular disease associated with erectile dysfunction. In general, only 88% of the sites indicated the effectiveness of the advertised drugs, 70% described the ingredients of the drugs, however, only 36% of the sites managed to find information about contraindications and only 21% – about side effects.

Of course, getting medical information about the treatment of erectile dysfunction from the Internet is convenient and easy. However, men with erectile dysfunction should still contact specialists in view of the above reasons.

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