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Dutasteride – instructions for use, price, analogues.
Disruption of the hormonal balance in the male body, in particular, an increase in the level of the hormone dihydrotestosetron, leads to the development of prostatic hyperplasia, a concomitant manifestation of which is the difficulty of urine outflow in the acute or latent form. For inhibiting (preventing the production) of dihydrotestosterone, a synthetic substance of selective action is used – Dutasteride, which is part of preparations with various trade names.

Active ingredient and its focus
Dutasteride was developed and patented for the first time in the United States of America. It was released into mass production in 2001 as part of the drug under the trade name Avodart, which is still used today. In 2015, the term of the patent for a substance ended and it was used in the production of generic drugs.

Increasing the level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone in men leads to uncontrolled proliferation of prostate tissue, followed by possible degeneration of them into a malignant form.

In addition, the increased background of dihydrotestosterone in men is the cause of alopecia (hair loss on the head) and hirsorutism (body hair in women).

Prostate hyperplasia is considered as a precancerous condition of the body, it requires increased attention and corrective therapeutic and sometimes surgical interventions. One of the substances that selectively reduces the level of dihydrotestosterone is Dutasteride.

The substance inhibits the activity of enzymes 5-alpha-reductase of the 1st and 2nd types, acting on the hormone testosterone, preventing it from turning into an excess amount of dihydrotestosterone.

The prostate gland, without receiving an excess of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, stops the uncontrolled proliferation of its tissues and the process of hyperplasia stops. As a result of a decrease in the volume of the gland, compression of the urinary tract is stopped and urine output is facilitated, and, consequently, inflammatory congestion also disappears.

Thanks to the action of this medication, many patients managed to avoid surgery and control the condition of the gland, restraining the progression of its growth.

In modern urology, for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, two active substances with similar pharmacological action are used – this is Dutasteride and its analogue – Finasteride.

They have few fundamental differences from each other, but still it is worth noting some of their differences.

Dutasterid is recognized as more effective due to the fact that it can combine with the alpha reductase enzyme of the 1st and 2nd type (which is why it is called a double inhibitor) and can reduce a high level of dihydrotestosterone by 98%, while Finasteride forms compounds only with the 1st type of enzyme and its effectiveness is slightly lower due to this – 70%.

⚠Intensive metabolism of such active ingredients occurs through the liver, so it is very important that during the course of treatment with means containing Dutasteride, the liver is healthy and able to cope with its functions.⚠

Dosage Form
Generic Avodart is made in the form of capsules-cases of white color, soluble in the stomach and containing the active substance dutasteride in the amount of 0.5 mg. Capsules are located in contour cells of 10 pieces. One pack contains 30 or 90 capsules.

Capsules are taken orally, one piece per day, washed down with water. The capsule itself can not be chewed or pour its contents into the oral cavity, since the active substance can damage the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx.

According to the instructions for use, the tool is recommended to take, regardless of the meal, but there is evidence that simultaneous ingestion with food reduces the absorbability and level of concentration of the active ingredient in the body.

The maximum concentration of a substance in the blood plasma is recorded already after 3 hours from the moment of use. On condition of daily ingestion of 0.5 mg of dutasterid after one month of its administration, its concentration in blood serum is 65 percent, and after 3 months it reaches a level of 90 percent.

Improving the dynamics of the urological orientation is manifested in the first month of treatment. It is necessary to take Avodart from 3 to 6 months in a mono or combination therapy format. In patients with gland hyperplasia, a decrease in the level of prostate specific antigen has been clinically proven, compared to baseline, by 50 percent after two weeks from the start of the drug.

The same indicators were observed in patients with the carcinogenic form of the disease.

With prolonged therapy to the active component does not occur addiction, and its effectiveness is not reduced. Used by adult males, including the elderly.

Contraindications and side effects

Of the contraindications for use are noted:

  • individual intolerance to the active substance;
  • From the special instructions for use it follows that dutasteride is well absorbed through the skin, therefore it is impossible to extract the contents from the capsules and to protect children and women who are at any time during pregnancy from getting it onto the mucous membranes and skin.

Scientifically based and confirmed data were obtained that Avodart, containing dutasteride, causes anomalies of the genitals in boys in the prenatal phase.

For the period of treatment, partners are recommended to refrain from unprotected sexual intercourse, since even 6 months after the end of the drug intake, sperm contains residual amounts of dutasteride, and there is no absolutely accurate evidence that sperm is not absorbed into the female genital tract during contact

reasonably apply, or completely refuse to take in case of liver diseases;
Before starting treatment, it is necessary to exclude malignant neoplasms of prostate tissue, and already in the course of treatment – to control the level of a specific prostate antigen.

Of the side effects may be the following:

    • a significant decrease in sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, impotence, impaired control over the function of ejaculation;
    • gyrsorutism, gynecomastia;
    • individual intolerance to the components in the form of allergic manifestations;
    • when taking the combined options, which contain adrenaline blockers, it is necessary to control the work of the heart, as the risk of side effects increases.

The frequency of manifestations of adverse events is directly related to the individual characteristics of each individual organism and the duration of the course of administration – the longer the application time, the more likely the risk of undesirable effects.

⚠However, it has been proven that even when the dose is exceeded many times, for those who normally tolerate Dutasterid, no side effects have occurred.⚠

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