Where and in what countries was coronavirus detected today ?

Where and in what countries was CORONAVIRUS detected today???

Having studied the latest news for today, February 4, 2020, we will try to provide a complete picture of the countries in which coronavirus has already been detected.

What is known today
Coronavirus is gradually taking over new territories, but its great activity prevails in China. According to the latest data, the number of infected is more than 17 thousand people. But there is good news, more than 500 people have recovered and were discharged from hospitals.
It is important to know in which countries the coronavirus has been detected today, as the epidemic can begin with a new force. The virus is constantly progressing, thereby creating the opportunity for its mutation.
According to official sources with information from the Ministry of Health of China, today the total number of deaths from the new virus amounted to 427 people.
Many patients for a long time hid the symptoms, thinking that it was a simple cold. As a result, the number of cases worldwide has exceeded 20,438. The first deaths from coronavirus in the Philippines and Hong Kong have already been noted.

Knowing in which countries the coronavirus is found today, you should refuse to travel. It’s better not to travel at all now, since it is not known where there may be another outbreak. The latest news on February 4, 2020 is disappointing, the number of countries in which coronavirus is found is growing almost every day.

The epidemic is spreading around the world
Over the past week, cases of the disease were recorded in 24 countries, including Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, USA, Vietnam, France, Germany and Canada.

➥The most dangerous regions are recognized: ↩
➫ Singapore;
➫ South Korea.

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